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Custom Air Freshener

Custom Air Freshener

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*~*~*~ Super Awesome and Amazing Custom Car Fresheners ~*~*~*

How To Purchase::::
+ Please send a Message after you purchase with your photo.
    My email: with your Order # too.
+ Make sure your Photo is as High Quality as possible, the clearer the better.

Photo ideas::::
+ Vertical Photos are best. If I have any trouble I will message you, please be sure to check messages.
+ If you want a collage or multiple pictures please create that before sending to me. Make sure you make it fit a Vertical Rectangle of 4" tall x 3" wide.
+ Dark Images will print dark, please make sure they are lighter for a better quality print.
+ I will not change any aspect of the photo such as brightness, color, tone, or anything other than scaling it to fit the freshener.

+ If you choose a Scent. This means we will spray your Air Freshener after being made. Each side is coated.
+ The scent will fade over time. However, you can spray any scent you like on your Air Freshener!

What you ordered::::
+ A High Quality Air Freshener with your photo printed on a felt material. The material is absorbent to accept a scent of your choosing.
+ You can choose a scent we provide or Unscented to spray your own perfume, oil, body spray, anything with a scent you enjoy!

*~ We appreciate your order! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you are unsure about a picture or it's quality before purchasing I can assist you. ~*
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