Halloween Sublimations

We provide a wide range of Sublimation designs to fit all your Vibes.  

🌟 Sublimation Print ONLY 🌟 READY TO PRESS!

Please read below for more information:

★ You MUST use a Heat Press to apply your design.
★ Sublimation Prints do not include White Ink.
★ Sublimation Prints can only be used ONE time.
★ Clothing must be at least 50% Polyester to get a "good" image. The Higher % of Polyester the more Vibrant your Print will be. (View Image in Picture Gallery for more detailed view.)
★ Sublimation Prints must be applied to Light Colored material.
★ If you see a Watermark on an image that says "Modern Art Doodles or Bosque Apparel" it will NOT be printed on the image. This is only to protect my custom art from internet pirates.
★ Our Ink is also UV protected.