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Custom Metal Card

Custom Metal Card

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*~*~*~ Custom and Personalized Metal Wallet Cards ~*~*~*

How To Purchase::::
+ If you have trouble attaching your photo's. Please send them by Email here:
+ Make sure your Photo is as High Quality as possible, the clearer the better.
+ Fully Customizable. You can have 2 pictures front and back or 1 picture and text on the back.
+ Choose your Style from the Picture in the Picture Gallery. #1-#6 Different Text options or to choose to
have your photo instead.
+ If you choose Text for the Back it will come with a Black background with White text and default. You can choose the different color for the background and the text, just make sure you specify in the Personalization box. You can choose Custom Color, if you have a specific color you want to use. Just send me the CMYK color or a picture of it.

+ ONLY available if you choose personalization on the back. If you choose 2 photos, you will NOT have personalization available for your order. So please just type "Photos" in the Text Box.

Photo ideas::::
+ Vertical or Horizontal Photos will work. If I have any trouble I will message you, please be sure to check messages.
+ I can do minimal changes to your picture if you request. Such as smoothing, blemish removing, or toning your image to be black and white or sepia or other tonal colors.
+ Dark photos will print dark, however I will lighten photos if I feel they are too dark.

Please know that your private pictures are DELETED immediately after your order is made. Your photos are not saved or used in way shape or form other than for your order and your order alone. I am a female and am the ONLY one that sees your pictures. Privacy is very important to me and I respect others as well. I just want to make sure you have a peace of mind when sending photos. Thank you - Tiffany

+ We use a metal that is .45 mm thick. They are pretty HARD to BEND. We recently changed the thickness as of Nov 2023. So enjoy the new thicker metal cards!

*~ We appreciate your order! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you are unsure about a picture or it's quality before purchasing I can assist you. ~*
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